Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Vote for Romulo Campaign update

Over the past few days, I have been feeling really down. Not because I hate my job sometimes or because my wife has been really busy. No, those things don't get me down, because I know that once summer comes, I will be on vacation for 3 months and in a few weeks, my wife will be done with the conference she is planning.

You see, the reason why I'm down is because of the sudden lack of support from the Vote for Romulo campaign. The VFR campaign began as a joke back on Sunday January 25, 2009 while I was at PirateFest. I made a visit to the Trib kiosk to place my vote for the Pirates fan voted bobblehead and to lie through my teeth to the Trib representative about how I occasionally buy the Trib on Sundays and eventually shoot down his "special offer" for a subscription. I put Romulo Sanchez down on the line, simply as a joke. As I walked around PirateFest for another hour or so, I was thinking to myself, "Wouldn't it be awesome to start a campaign to get a Romulo Sanchez bobblehead and see how many people would buy into it." And, I had recently had an interest in starting a blog about the I was inspired by various other Pirates blogs, and my good friend, The Unemployed Asshole. And so it started with a little post that evening.

That Monday, picked up the story on the campaign.

On Tuesday, it was The Green Weenie.

Wednesday, WHYGAVS.

And then...much to my delight...Thursday morning on the PBC Blog on the Post-Gazette website, Dejan linked to WHYGAVS and the story of the Vote for Romulo bobblehead. I emailed Dejan the day before about getting this blog on the list of blogs on that site, but couldn't due to missing one key qualification...I wasn't a year old in blogger.

Then, as quickly as the momentum built up, it seemed to come crashing down. All of a sudden, people on the PBC blog started to post "Why vote for Romulo? We should be voting for any of the '90-'92 Pirates." Then it just got worse from there.

Honus Wagner.

One of the greatest players, not only in Pittsburgh Pirates history, but in all of Major League Baseball history. I mean, Dejan clearly laid out Honus' track record:

3,415 hits
.391 OBP
.327 average
.857 OPS

Plus, numerous other accolades. He is honored with a statue outside the home plate rotunda at PNC Park. He's in the Hall of Fame. His baseball card is worth HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars.

Why disgrace...yes I said DISGRACE such an important ball player with a freaking bobblehead? last year, Tom Gorzelanny had a bobblehead that was giving the middle finger!

You know what will happen with a Honus Wagner bobblehead? Every 9-15 year old kid at that ballpark will say "This isn't (insert popular or current Pirates or other player name here). I'm breaking this thing apart!" I can guarantee there will be hundreds of Honus Wagner pieces laying around PNC Park by the time Matt Capps throws his final pitch against the Dodgers and picks up his 60th save of the year.

What worth is a Manny Sanguillen signature going to have on a Honus Wagner bobblehead? NONE.

What worth will a Romulo Sanchez signature have on a Romulo Sanchez bobblehead? Well...a little more than nothing.

Maybe, just maybe with the love and support of Pirate Nation, Romulo Sanchez will have a year like none other. Maybe, just maybe, we can make him the most sought after reliever after the 2009 season.

Honor the players that DESERVE to be honored with a bobblehead...the current ones.

Honor the greats where they deserve to be the Hall of Fame, as a retired number, as a statue towering over fans as they enter or walk around the ballpark. Not as a goofy looking bobblehead.

All of that being said, I must thank all of my continued supporters in the Vote for Romulo campaign. Including my two newest supporters, Raise the Jolly Roger and Bucs Trade Winds.

It seems that the battle lines have been drawn in the sand. You have until April 30th to make it happen.

Now, more than ever, Lets Go Bucs...Lets Go Romulo!

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