Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh Man!

I'm not trying to read too much into this, but it seems like the Pirates may be adding some security and depth to their bullpen this year when a certain super Jew may no longer be on the team.

It was reported on ESPN.com that the Pirates are in talks with Will Ohman, formally of the Atlanta Braves. According to the report, Ohman is also in talks with the Marlins and Padres. Add on to that list some possible contention teams (which aren't all teams in contention at this time of the year?) and it seems like there really isn't a good chance of Ohman coming to the Pirates so I'm pretty much done wasting my time writing on him.

Bring in Joe Beimel. At least last year Beimel had a drunken fan that sat in the bleachers and was quite amusing. He also had sideburns that reminded me of John Popper from Blues Traveler.

On a side note...I have two goals for this season:

1. Have Romulo Sanchez voted as the Fan Voted Bobblehead
2. Have John Grabow sign something "Top Jewish Pitcher of 2008"

That would make 2009 the best season yet for me.

Let's Go Bucs!
Vote for Romulo!

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