Friday, February 13, 2009

A Non-Baseball Post and Some Other Things

So I know that today is the first day for pitchers & catchers to report to Spring Training and I should probably be posting on that topic. And I will here at some point tonight. However, I wanted to make a non-baseball related post about something that has been irking me for some time now.

That thing...Jon & Kate Plus 8 (from here on out to be referred to as JAKP8). A staple of the TLC Network. Easily the most popular show on the network and probably one of the most aired programs. It seems like everyday of every week, there is a mini-marathon of JAKP8. I will list some of the most annoying things about this show.

The Never Ending Show

TLC needs to just make a special channel dedicated only to JAKP8. Just about anytime I turn on TLC, JAKP8 is on. And it's either the new episode that aired on Monday, some older show from when the sextuplets were just born, or some clips and best of show. It's time for TLC to give the Gosselins their own channel. Then, they could just air their lives live and unedited.

Kate Gosselin

Probably the most annoying part of the show. I feel like this list is going to be endless. First, I can't decide if Kate is a semi-hot mom or an annoying cooter. The more I watch the show, the more I am leaning towards the later. Second, I hate how Kate makes it seem like she is supermom taking care of 8 kids on her own. No you dont you annoying anal witch. You have hired help, which is more than likely paid by the sponsors and advertisers of the show. Third, clean freak. How can you expect to be a clean freak with 8 kids? They are going to get dirty and want to try and explore things. Get over it Kate that they are going to get dirty and poop in their pants. It's natural and isn't the worst disaster in the entire world. Clean it up and move on with your life. Fourth, the belittling of Jon. I tend to view Jon and myself as having similar personalities. Very easy-going and indecisive. When you mix someone like Jon and an Anal Annie like Kate, there are going to be differences on how your house should be run. Leave him alone and let him live life. He's made it this far in life with that personality. It's not likely going to change either, no matter how much nagging you do. To quote Jon..."When are you going to pull the stick out?"

Influence on Society

Thanks to the Gosselins, it seems like there is a rise on people wanting to have multiple births. Doc Octo Mom is the latest example of this. Multiple births and the attention whores of families they create is so annoying. I dare you to watch 5 minutes of coverage on Octo Mom and not be annoyed with her by the end of the time limit.

I literally feel better getting this off my chest. My hate for the Gosselins is weird. Despite the venom I just spewed about the show, I still find myself watching the show when it is on. And, I always feel annoyed and angry after watching this show.

Back to sports...

Daniel Sepulveda, punter for the Pittsburgh Steelers, will be speaking at the Jubilee conference at the convention center tomorrow. I will be going down to check out his speaking and perhaps I will post an update on here sometime tomorrow.

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