Sunday, January 25, 2009


Bobbleheads...they are a staple at PNC Park. Any season where less than12 bobbleheads are given away is considered a bad PR season and almost a guarantee to have record low attendance at the ballpark.

However, this year, I expect the largest turn out EVER for a bobblehead night. On Friday, September 25, the Pirates will be giving away a bobblehead that the fans get to choose.

My shelf is full of bobbleheads featuring well known and respected players. It's time to give the no name bullpen pitchers some credit. That is why I am beginning my grassroots campaign right here, right now to have the Romulo Sanchez bobblehead.

Click here to write in Romulo Sanchez as the 2009 Fans Vote Bobblehead. You have until April 30th.

Let's Go Bucs!

Edit: I've created a Facebook Group. Join and spread the word!
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