Friday, January 30, 2009

Beam Me Up (Down) Hunty

Reliever TJ Beam was designated for assignment to make room for Eric Hinske on the 40-man roster. The Pirates will look to place him on waivers and have Beam clear them so he can be assigned to AAA Indy.

I don't think Beam will clear, and thus, will be picked up by some other team. His 4.14 ERA over 32 games (45.2 innings) isn't horrible. However, he will need to work on his K:BB ratio for better success. He had 24 Ks against 20 BBs last season.

Beam, I feel, would be a decent low risk, high potential pick up for some team out there.

Crap...I just realized that I made another Hinske related post.
Lets Go Bucs!
photo credit: TJ Beam as a Yankee - 316sports

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