Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hinske in the Free Agent Outfield Mix

Earlier today it was announced that the Pirates were looking at Luis Gonzalez as a potential 4th outfielder and veteran leader. He is a guy with decent numbers, however, his age (41) is an issues with me. He's also seems to be limited to the positions in which he could play. Dejan mentioned that the Pirates were looking at several other free agents. Turns out one of those free agents will be Eric Hinske formally of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Hinske's numbers aren't quite where Gonzalez's numbers are at, however, he is a decade younger. And, unlike Gonzalez, he can play the corner spots of the outfield and first and third base. According to the article on pirateball.com, it sounds like Hinske is a priority for the Pirates and he could be in town as soon as the end of this week. It's looking less and less likely that Meintkiewicz will be back in Pittsburgh.

Because I'm lazy, check out link to the article above for all of the details on Hinske and Gonzalez.

Lets Go Bucs!

photo credit: Eric Hinske strikes out during Game 5 of the 2008 World Series. daylife.com

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