Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More on Hinske

Dejan is running a piece today in the Post-Gazette that makes it sound like Eric Hinske will most likely be signing a contract with Pittsburgh later this week. As I mentioned before, Hinske would be the best of the three free agent choices we have out there right now. He's younger than Luis Gonzalez and Doug Mientkiewicz and he has more power than the ever so popular Mientkiewicz.

Hinske isn't the right-handed power bat that the Pirates were looking for, however, his power from the left could prove to be an advantage to him at PNC Park, all thanks to the 321' Clemente Wall in right field.

I've linked the three free agent outfielders career stats that have been the topic of discussion for the Pirates this off season so that you may compare numbers and make a decision for yourself who would be the better player for this team. Hinske Gonzalez Mientkiewicz

A Mientkiewicz mutiny ahoy!

Let's Go Bucs!

PS: I can pretty much spell Mientkiewicz now without looking it up.
PSS: Dejan also has a great write-up as to why it's worth it to go cheap when signing bench players

photo credit: Right field and the Clemente Wall.

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