Sunday, January 25, 2009

There's Something About Paul

The Pirates have apparently made a vital step towards ensuring they build the foundation of their starting rotation. According to (by way of the Tribune-Review) the Pirates have made an offer to Paul Maholm.

The article states that a multi-year contract is being negoiated between the two parties. Maholm stated that they continue to exchange numbers and that the numbers are not too far apart. Although Maholm finished 2008 with a 9-9 record, it was the best record of the starting rotation. He was, without doubt, the most consistent pitcher on their rotation.

Of the starters, he led in ERA (3.71), Innings Pitched (206.1), and Strikeouts (139). I'm sure there may be more stats where he was leading the team, but I'm too lazy to look them up. Point is, if this guy is healthy, he has shown the potential over the past year and a half to be an least a Pirates or Royals ace. Many people are predicting, including yours truely, that he will be the Opening Day starter.

The Pirates need to come to a multi-year agreement and have this guy under their control as long as possible. Hey, if he can get his face smashed up by a line drive and come back to play and pitch well, then you know that there has to be something about him.
Let's Go Bucs!
photo credit: Billy Crystal & Paul Maholm. NY Daily News

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