Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Huntington Admits He'll Take It From Either Side

As reported on the PG today, the Pirates are in talks with free-agent left-handed outfielder Luis Gonzalez. The primary role of Gonzalez, 41, will be to serve as a leader, a la Doug Mientkiewicz. Which means, if Gonzalez gets signed, it looks like ol' "Dirty Doug" won't be coming back to Pittsburgh.

I would welcome a guy like Gonzalez into the organization. However, he is not the right-handed power-bat that the Pirates were looking for. Neal Huntington recently admitted that they are open to getting power from wither side of the plate. Last year, Gonzalez had

341 at-bats with the Florida Marlins, batting a respectable .261 with 8 homers and 47 RBIs. He has a career .283 batting average and .845 OPS. Decent numbers, however, would his age be an issue?

Let's Go Bucs!

photo credit: Luis Gonzalez with the Diamondbacks. USAToday.com

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  1. This = Derek Bell. This = Benito Santiago. This = Raul Mondesi.

    Jesus, get a clue, Buccos.