Monday, April 13, 2009

What's a Sports Fan to Do?

This coming Wednesday and Friday presents quite a delima for myself and sports fans all around Pittsburgh. The Buccos are offering Buc Night, with $1 hotdogs, popcorn, soda, and tickets on Wednesday. Then on Friday, its $1 hotdogs. Add to that the fact that the Pirates have actually been playing decent baseball (at least on every other day), what is a sports fan to do on these days when the Penguins host the hated Flyers?

Well, for most, the choice should be obvious. If you've got the cash, plunk down the money on Stubhub or eBay and buy yourself some playoff tickets. Or, the better option, sit on the lawn with thousands of Pens fans. There is no doubt in my mind that aside from Mikey and Big Bob flapping their lips, sitting in the lawn is so much better than being in the arena. It's a completely different atmosphere on the lawn. It's lawless and fun. Despite the lawlessness, it still is much calmer than what you'd expect.

But what about those great offers from the Pirates? $1 tickets...$1 sodas...$1 hotdogs...what a great deal. Well, don't worry, because every Friday night the Pirates are selling $1 hotdogs. Well if the pattern holds true, the Pirates will suffer a crushing defeat following an awesome offensive performance. So, based on today's 7-0 win, the Pirates should lose on Wednesday. Which means, get your tickets for Wednesday or get ready to sit in the lawn, watching the Pens game on the large screen. On Friday, go for the Bucco game. You're bound to see a pitching clinic on Friday night as Paul Maholm takes on Jair Jurrjens.

As someone who spent $1,300 on Pirates tickets, its likely I'll still go to PNC over Mellon...unless I have a crowd of friends going to the Pens game to watch it. Then, and only then, would I choose the Pens over the Bucs.

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