Monday, January 25, 2010

Kevin Hart Stole My Pen

Baseball season has officially started for me. I am officially pumped for the start of the 2010 season! I attended the Pirates Caravan stop at the Uniontown Mall this evening. Broadcasters Greg Brown and Bob Walk were on hand, joining Andrew McCutchen, Evan Meek, John Russell, and Kevin Hart to sign autographs for the estimated 250-300 people in line.

I arrived to the mall shortly after 5pm. This was after enjoying a 20 piece chicken McNugget and medium fries from the local McDonald's (one of 3 within a 3 mile trek down 119 South). I was able to enjoy this delicious meal thanks to the buy one get one free offer for the 10 piece McNugget. I also have slowly become more disgusted with the county seat of Fayette County, but that's another story for another day.

So as I'm standing in line, I get to talking with several of the people around me. I got to speak with two younger guys who were from Greene County. Nice guys who where there to basically meet McCutchen and get his autograph. They could really care less about the other players. In front of me were three ladies, two of which were teachers at a local school district. One of the ladies look very familiar, however, I couldn't place a finger on it. We assumed that we've just passed each other several times while at PNC Park. As I mentioned yesterday, I have an official baseball that I'd like to get signed by as many players as possible of the 2010 team. Well this isn't a typical thing for me to do, so I told this one lady in front of me that "I hate being one of tho
se fans." Well, that was all she needed to hear. She turned around and said "I am one of those
fans" and proceeded to not speak with me the rest of the evening. As it turns out, after I offended this lady, I'm about 99% sure she was an admissions counselor or worked within the Admissions Department where I went to college.

Well I did get the autographs I was seeking. McCutchen, Meek, Russell, and Hart all signed my ball. Hart was the last one in line to sign. I had a blue Bic ballpoint pen that I was using to have the players sign because I read online that blue ink doesn't fade like black ink.
So I get to Kevin Hart, and he keeps my pen! I thought he was going to give it back, but he never did. I suppose I could have said something to him there, but I was too gracious for him and the others on the panel to take a week of their free time to sign autographs and travel around for slobs like me. Plus, I respect Kevin Hart for coming out to the old Hart Foundation/Bret Hart theme, even though he probably didn't pick it.

Let's Go Bucs!


  1. The best part of the story is the lady getting mad.

  2. best part of this story is where he mentions that he saw his favorite pirates fan....oh wait he didn't do that. thanks.