Sunday, January 24, 2010

Firing Up the Ol' Blog

As we come to a close on the first month of 2010 already, I am coming off of my winter break and ready to begin posting again.

A few things happening this week in this blog's world:

I will be attending the Pirates Caravan stop at the Uniontown Mall on Monday evening. I am planning on taking my game used-Adam LaRoche-ground rule double ball with me and get it signed by the players that will be appearing there (Andrew "Clutch" McCutchen, Kevin "Hitman" Hart, Evan "Rule 5" Meek, and John "Monotone" Russell). For those of you out there who know more about this autograph thing more than I do, is it better to be on a new ball, a game used ball, or does it really matter that much?

In addition to the Caravan, I'll be going to PiratesFest this upcoming weekend. Last year's PiratesFest was a success in that I was able to acquire the dugout scorecard from the night of my wife and I had our wedding rehearsal party there AND I found a nice "Amazing Jesus" Bobby Hill BP jersey. This year, I'm just looking to collect some decent autographs and maybe find a jersey.

If you haven't done so, check out the Pirates WFC Blog. Last week they did a live blog of Game 1 from the 1979 World Series. Game 2 should be posted sometime this week.

And lastly, if you recall, the Pirates had a Fan Vote Bobblehead contest on
their website. Paul Maholm ended up winning the contest. In January, I started the Vote for Romulo
campaign on this blog, urging you people, my readers, to stuff the ballot box, partially as a joke, for relief pitcher Romulo Sanchez. Sidenote: it's interesting to me how this year, there is only one bobblehead on the promotion schedule. Anyways, I have a new campaign idea, and this one will hopefully bring some solidarity to Pirate Nation and PNC Park. Details on the new campaign will be coming up this week as well.

Let's Go Bucs!

Photo courtesy of Pittsburgh Pirates

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