Monday, July 6, 2009

Game 83: Pirates vs Astros - July 6, 2009

I am back once again with my game day predictions via MLB 09 The Show. Sorry that these have become so sporadic this's extremely time consuming to play the game and then post a report on here. It's even more difficult when I wait until just a couple of house before the game to play with the actual line-ups for the day's game. So, much like today, I will play and post when it's most convenient for me, use an assumed line-up and hope that it's pretty close to being accurate.

I realized one mistake already for today's game prediction. I believe Freddy Sanchez is going to be sitting out today's real life game due to a tweak in his back. I accidentally left him on today's roster. Anyhow, the Pirates haven't fared well at all against the real life Mike Hampton, so let's see if they can break the streak of losses against him in tonight's game.

Here's the MLB 09 The Show Recap:

The Pirates started off to a great start against the difficult Mike Hampton early. After McCutchen and Wilson flied out, Freddy Sanchez singled, followed by an Adam LaRoche home run. Pirates are ahead 2-0 after 1 inning.

More scoring in the third for the Buccos as Sanchez scores on an Adam LaRoche double. 3-0 Pirates after 3.

In the 4th, Steve Pearce scores after a Virgil Vasquez sac bunt. 4-0 after 4 innings of play.

Two more Pirate runs in the 5th as Jack Wilson and Freddy Sanchez score on an Andy LaRoche trip-trip-triple. 6-0 Pirates after 5 innings.

Houston scores in the 6th off a Miguel Tejada solo home run. 6-1 after 6 innings.

The Pirates tack on 3 more runs in the 7th as Garret Jones, batting 7th in the order, hits a bases loaded triple, scoring Adam and Andy LaRoche and Steve Pearce. 9-1 after 7 innings.

The final run came in the bottom of the 9th inning as Michael Bourn hits a 1 out solo home run.

Final Score: PIT 9 HOU 2

Stats of the Game:
PIT - Vasquez 8.0 innings - 1 run - 8 hits - 0 BB - 4 Ks; Ad. LaRoche 4-5 - 2B - HR - 4 RBIs
HOU - Hampton 4+ innings - 6 runs - 9 hits - 1 K; Tejada 3-4 - HR - 1 RBI

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