Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Game 70: Cleveland Indians (29-42) v. Pittsburgh Pirates (31-38) MLB 09 Prediction

Now that my summer vacation from work is in full swing, it is time I get back into the habit of posting my MLB 09 The Show Game Predictions. This will be the first one in quite sometime. I apologize for not getting more up, but whatever, it's not like people read this blog anyhow.

Tonight, the Pittsburgh Pirates will host the Cleveland Indians in Interleague play. The Pirates have not done well in Interleague play (67-108 if I count correctly). They are 4-5 this year in Interleague play. However, this year, they have done well at home (17-12). They are also coming off a 4 game losing streak, which includes a 3-game sweep by the red hot Colorado Rockies.

The Indians are not faring much better than the Pirates. They have a wrose record, are coming in on a 6 game losing streak, and have done worse than the Pirates this year in Interleague play (3-6). Overall, they are 111-108. The Indians are on a 6 game losing streak. Both teams are due of some wins.

Based on the game I played this morning, the Indians will win tonight's game. I've gone supergeek with this and printed off scorecards for each team. It'll save a lot of typing time.

Click images to read them.

Lets Go Bucs!

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