Monday, July 6, 2009

Why the Pirates Should (Or Shouldn't) Give Up On Donnie Veal

The GM of the Pittsburgh Pirates will be facing a difficult decision in the next few days. According to Dejan Kovacevic's Pirates Notebook in the PG today, Donnie Veal needs to be placed back on the 25-man roster in the next couple of days in order to keep him through Rule 5 Draft rules.

There is no denying that he has been bad. Through 5 games, Donnie Veal has posted a 4.26 ERA, 10 walks, 6 strikeouts, and an astronomical WHIP of 2.37. I'm sure his placement on the DL at the end of May had more to do with his horrible performance opposed to his groin injury. Is it time for the Pirates to give up on this guy and cut him from the 25-man roster? Or should they struggle through the rest of the season with this guy sitting in the bullpen and rarely picking up a ball?

Well, the Pirates faced a similar situation with Evan Meek last year. He, much like Veal, had a high ERA (6.92), a 1.77 WHIP, and had a 2:1 BB/K ratio. I can remember moaning and groaning when Meek was called in to pitch. The guy lacked control and gave up a lot of hits and home runs in his short 2008 stint with the Pirates. He was offered back to the Rays, who declined to take Meek back, and who could blame them? Anyhow, the Pirates took him back, assigned him to the minors, and look at him now. What a difference a year makes. While he still has some control issues, Meek is doing a whole heck of a lot better than last year.

Maybe the Pirates should take a similar route with Veal. I say, take the risk of losing him back to the Cubs. The Pirates, I believe, have a good shot of being able to resign him. Put Donnie in the minors and hopefully he'll have the same success as Evan Meek.

If Veal doesn't stick, no big loss. Hanrahan will come around a be a soild bullpen pitcher.

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  1. i hear what you're saying. i agree he has high upside like an even meek but i just feel they are handicapping themselves by allowing veale to suck up a roster spot in the bullpen when he's most likely not going to play. why not clear the way to allow the current bullpen guys to remain there? i like our pitching coaches and believe they can work w/ donnie to settle him down just like they have meek, gorzo and hopefull snell. i think it's time someone else wears the pink backpack for the rest of the season.

    thanks for the insight.