Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MLB 10:The Show Predictions - Game #2: Dodgers @ Pirates

As with the last game, I understand that some of the players currently on the real 25-man rosters are not on the MLB 10:The Show rosters or vise versa. And this isn't completely accurate because of the lack of live roster updates for the PSP. Frankly, I dont have a desire or the time to update and make everything accurate, so deal with it. On to the game...

1. Kemp CF
2. Loney 1B
3. Ramirez LF
4. Ethier RF
5. Belliard 2B
6. Blake 3B
7. Martin C
8. Furcal SS
9. Kuroda P

1. Iwamura 2B
2. McCutchen CF
3. Jones RF
4. Doumit C
5. LaRoche 3B
6. Clement 1B
7. Milledge LF
8. Ohlendorf P
9. Crosby SS

First Inning: On the 5th pitch, Kemp singles into left field. Loney fouls out to LaRoche. 1 out. With Ramirez up to bat, Kemp is picked off on a pitch out. 2 outs. Manny singles. Ethier doubles, moving Manny to third. Belliard ends an early threat as he fouls out to Clement. 0-0 after 1/2 inning.

Iwamura and McCutchen each hit their first pitch into an out. Iwamura flies to center while McCutchen grounds out to a 4-3 play. With a 1-2 count, Jones is HBP. Doumit grounds out to first base. End of the inning, 0-0.

Second Inning: Ohlendorf strikes out Blake. Martin singles, followed by Furcal. Pitcher, Kuroda hits into a 5-6-3 double play to end the inning.

A quick 1-2-3 second inning for the Buccos. LaRoche grounds into a 3-1 out. Clement fouls out to the catcher. And finally, Milledge grounds out to Loney. 0-0 after two innings.

Third Inning: Top of the order starting off for the Dodgers in the 3rd. Kemp hits a deep fly to center field for the first out. Loney singles. 1 on and 1 out. Ramirez strikes out swinging on 3 pitches from Ohlendorf. Ethier grounds out to a 6-4 fielders choice to end the inning. After 2.5 innings it's still 0-0.

Ohlendorf leads off in the bottom of the third for the Pirates. He goes down 0-2 before drilling a shot up the middle for a base hit. Crosby grounds out to a 4-3 double play. With 2 out, Iwamura hits a single. McCutchen will strike out on 3 pitches to end the inning. Through 3 and it's still 0-0.

Fourth Inning: A good AB by Belliard started the fourth inning for the Dodgers. He worked a deep 6 pitch AB before a 5-3 groundout. Blake flies out to centerfield. Martin flies out to right. 1-2-3, still 0-0.

In the bottom of the inning, Jones leads off with an 0-2 single. Jones is able to steal 2nd base on the first pitch to Doumit. Following that pitch, Doumit flies out to left field. Jones stays at second. LaRoche has a 5 pitch plate appearance which results in a walk. With runners on 1st and 2nd and 1 out, Clement grounds into a 5 unassisted fields choice type of play. Jones is out at 3rd, LaRoche advances to 2nd and Clement is on 1st. Kuroda gets out of the inning with a 3 pitch strikeout to Milledge. Despite the threat, no runs are scored and after 4 it's 0-0.

Fifth Inning: Furcal leads off with a fly out to left field. Kuroda pops-up to Ohlendorf. 2 outs. Kemp singles. Loney grounds into a 5-4 fielders choice to end the inning. Kuroda saw the most pitches in that inning with 4. 0-0.

Ohlendorf leads off and grounds out 4-3. Crosby strikes out looking. Iwamura singles with two outs. McCutchen has a great AB. With a full count, he drills a ball into center field for a base hit. Iwamura is able to advance all the way to 3rd on the hit. With runners on the corners, Jones grounds out 4-3 to end the inning and any sort of rally or run potential. Through 5 innings neither offense is able to do much with opportunities. 0-0.

Sixth Inning: Ramirez leads off with a big double to left center. Ethier hits into a 1-3 ground out. Ramirez stays at second. Belliard hits the first pitch he sees this inning to LaRoche, holding Ramirez at 2nd. 5-3 on Ethier for the second out. Blake grounds out to end the inning. Ramirez stays trapped at second after a big lead-off hit. 0-0

Doumit leads off the 6th with a single. That is followed by a LaRoche single. With runners on first and second and no one out, Clement goes to a 1-1 count before delivering a sac bunt. Doumit moves to 3rd and LaRoche is on second with just 1 out. Milledge singles into the outfield, allowing Doumit and LaRoche to finally score. It's now 2-0 Pirates with 1 out and 1 on. Kuroda is lifted and replaced with Wade. With Ohlendorf up to bat, Milledge attempts a steal and gets caught. Ohlendorf ends up striking out looking to end the inning. But it's productive as 2 runs cross home for the Pirates. The score is now 2-0.

Seventh Inning: Martin leads off for the Dodgers grounding out 5-3. Furcal hits a huge triple into deep right center. Mientkiewicz is able to reach first after a 5-2 fielders choice. Furcal made a bad decision to head home for the first out. Kemp singles for the third time this evening, moving Mientkiewicz to second. Loney grounds out on the first pitch he sees this inning. 6-3 ends the inning. Pirates lead 2-0.

Troncoso comes in to pitch for the Dodgers in the bottom of the 7th. Crosby pops out to shallow right as Loney drifted back to make the catch. 1 out. Iwamura singles. McCutchen doubles to the right field corner. Iwamura advances to 3rd. Intentional walk to Jones laods the bases. Doumit hits a 2 strike single to allow Iwamura to score. 3-0 and bases still loaded. LaRoche grounds into a 4-6 fielders choice. McCutchen scores 4-0 Pirates with 2 outs. Church replaces Clement and singles. Another run scores. 5-0 Pirates. Milledge hits into a 4-3 groundout to end a big inning for the Pirates.

Eighth Inning: Ohlendorf pitches a pretty good inning. Ramirez leads off with a 3 pitch strikeout. Ethier also strikes out. Belliard gets a 1-0 base hit. Blake strikes out to end the inning. 5-0 Pirates.

As Ohlendorf approached 100 pitches, he was lifted this inning. Raynor pinch hit for him. The Rule 5 pick hit a single. Thanks to a wild pitch to Crosby, Raynor advances to 2nd. Crosby eventually strikes out. Iwamura doubles, allowing Raynor to score. McCutchen grounds out 4-3, Iwamura advances to 3rd base. Jones grounds out 6-3 to end the inning. 6-0 Pirates.

Ninth Inning: Taschner comes in to pitch and close out the game. Martin leads off with a triple. Furcal follows up with his second triple of the game. Martin scores 6-1 Pirates. Carroll pinch hits in the pitchers spot. A single from him allows Furcal to score. 6-2 Pirates. Kemp doubles, scoring another run. 6-3 Pirates. Loney looks at a 3rd pitch strike to sit down looking. 1 out 6-3 Pirates. Ramirez homers to left field. Two more runs score and it's now 6-5. Taschner is replaced by the closer, Dotel. Dotel gets Ethier to groundout on the first pitch he throws. Belliard grounds out 4-3 to end the game and end the scare.

Pirates win 6-5, but it shouldn't have ended that close.

W- Ohlendorf (1-0)
L- Kuroda (0-1)
S- Dotel (1)

Iwamura 4-5, 2B, RBI, R
McCutchen 2-5, 2B, K, R
Jones 1-3, HBP, BB, SB, R
Doumit 2-4, RBI, R
LaRoche 1-3, BB, RBI, R
Clement 0-2
Church 1-1, RBI
Milledge 1-4, 2 RBI, K, CS
Ohlendorf 1-3, K
Raynor 1-1, R
Crosby 0-4, 2K

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