Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Long Long Time Ago - Catching Up On What I've Missed

The title explains my feelings. It's been quite some time since I've posted on here. A lot has happened since then. Here's a bit of a recap to get caught up on everything...

Gorzo Sent Down
(3.18.09) - Tom Gorzelanny was sent down to Triple-A Indy following a seven run in nine inning performance in Spring Training. Gorzo is just two years removed from being a 14 game winner and a staff ace for the Buccos. Some were shocked that he was sent down so early in the season. Many thought that Gorzo would get to spend more time in camp to work with the Pitching Messiah Joe Kerrigan. Will he forever be cursed from the 6.66 ERA? I like Gorzo and I hope he can regain that 2007 form.

Jaramillo Named Back Up
(3.28.09) - I don't know why, but I like this guy. Jason has great defense, but is lacking offense. Robinson Diaz has great offense, but not as good defense. It seems like it'd make more sense for the Pirates to go with someone who has a better bat, since that is something the Pirates will probably be lacking this year. However, I think that when you get a guy that can call a good game behind the plate and is able to throw out runners, as Jaramillo did in the game yesterday, that is way more valueable in a catcher than the offense he produces. I may be eating those words at some point this season, but as of right now I like this decision.

Tabata Has Some Personal Issues
(3.25.09) - One of the top Pirates prospects faced some personal issues. Jose Tabata's 43-year old wife was arrested and accused of kidnapping. Tabata, 20, has been cleared of any ties to his wife's actions. Something shocked to many Pirates fans was not the crime that was committed by Tabata's wife, but it was the fact that she was 23 years older than him. What was he thinking? Is she a gold digger? Or was she just that good in the sack that he couldn't resist?

Cutch's Amazing Performance
(3.28.09) - Andrew McCutchen is making it very difficult for the Pirate's brass to decide what to do with him. In yesterday's game against the defending World Series champion Phillies, Cutch went 5 for 5 with two doubles, three runs, two RBIs and an absolute bomb of a homerun. Will he or won't he come north with the team? As much as I'd like to see him come up to St. Louis, I think a May call-up will do him well.

Rotation Spots Being Locked Up
(3.28.09) - To the surprise of no one, Paul Maholm was named the Opening Day starter. Following an impressive end to 2008 and an amazing Spring Training, Maholm got the official nod from management as the starter against the Cardinals on April 6th. So far, it'll be Maholm, Ian Snell, Zach Duke, and Ross Ohlendorf in the rotation. Jeff Karstens and Virgil Vasquez will be awarded the final spot. Neither is tearing up Spring Training, still leaving many to hope for some outside help in the rotation *cough*Pedro Martinez*cough*.

Bullpen Needs Help
I can remember it like it was yesterday. The Pittsburgh Pirates had one of the most dominant bullpens in all of baseball. Matt Capps, John Grabow, Damaso Marte, and Tyler Yates owned the majors. Now three of the previously mentioned guys are locks for the '09 bullpen. Capps, Grabow, and Yates will be in the pen. It doesn't seem like too many other pitchers are making an effort to win a spot in the bullpen. The Pirates have reported made an offer to Will Ohman. Neal Huntington even was quoted as being disappointed in the bullpen and will more than likely be looking for outside help to complete it.

Lascheid Passes Away
(3.19.09) - Long time Pirates organist Vince Lascheid passed away at the age of 85. Lascheid was remembered by many for his wit and ability to match a song to pretty much any batter or situation. His talents will live on, as the Pirates will be using digital recordings to play over the PA system this year.

That's about it for the mjor happenings. I'm sure that I've missed something, but that'll happen when you are busy and can't keep up with the happenings. Only 8 days until Oening Day. 15 days until the PNC Park opener. The blog will probably be pretty quite for the next week, unless something huge happens and I feel like I need to post about it.

I will be live blogging on Opening Day. Following the home opener, I will be posting a photo blog and game report. Until then...

Let's Go Bucs!

photo credit: Amalia Tabata Pereira is lead out of Child Protection Investigation Division office on Tuesday. Pereira is accused impersonating an immigration official and taking the child from her mother. Tribune photo by JASON BEHNKEN

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