Monday, March 9, 2009

Good, Bad, and Ugly All In One Game

It looked like the Pirates were going to get rocked today. Turns out that it was only Tom Gorzelanny and Chris Bootcheck that were rocked. The Buccos put up a decent effort, but lost to the Red Sox 15-14 in 10 innings.

Gorzo is starting to look a lot like Gorzo of 2008. Horrible. With the numbers he currently has, it'll be a miracle if he makes the starting rotation on April 6th. He currently has a 7.50 ERA and leads the team in walks. Definately not the 14-10 pitcher of 2007 that everyone was hoping for.

It looks like Tyler Yates, Craig Hansen, and Sean Burnett all pitched well. Jose Tabata went 3 for 3 and hit a game tying double.

Indeed it was a tale of two stories today.


It looks like Brandon Moss will be able to start on Opening Day. His thumb injury doesn't seem to be as serious as first thought.


Romulo Sanchez was the biggest name of the first cuts for the spring. This is an obvious attempt by Pirates management to keep the Vote for Romulo campaign down! We will not back down and we will not stop. A Vote for Romulo update and campaign push will begin when I start to post some serious posts and not these half-assed posts.

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